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Do some Nature Yoga!

Try and do these yoga poses outside on grass.

Make sure you take deep breathes before and during each pose. Yoga is a nice slow thing we do for our bodies and minds - it's not a race, take your time. Only do what you're comfortable with.

Stand on one leg. Get your other leg and place the sole of your foot on your inner knee. Slowly move side to side like a tree in the wind. Then switch feet and do it on the other side.

Sit on your feet and bring your forehead down to rest either on the floor, or as close as you can get. Put your hands down to the side and pretend to be a seed for at least 30 seconds.

Lay down on the floor and use your arms to bring the front of your body up like a wave crashing on the beach. Hold if for a few seconds and then slowly bring yourself back to the floor. Repeat a few times.

Get yourself into a position like the picture above. Be strong like a huge mountain and hold the pose for a minute.

Sit with your legs cross and your back as straight as you can. Relax your shoulders and then use your arms to flap like a butterfly.

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