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My Highland Goat

Here's another camp song for you!

My highland goat

Was doing fine

He ate six shirts

Off my back line

I took a stick

And gave a whack

And tied him to

The railway track

The whistle blew

The train drew nigh

My highland goat

Was sure to die

I took a knife

And cut that rope

And set him free

My highland goat

My highland goatie-oatie-oatie-oatie-oat

Was doing finey-iney-iney-iney-ine

He ate six shirty-irty-irty-irty-irts

Off my back liney-iney-iney-iney-ine

I took a sticky-icky-icky-icky-ick

and gave a whacky-acky-acky-acky--ack

And tied him tooey-ooey-ooey-ooey-oo

The railway tracky-acky-acky-acky-ack

The whistle blewie-ewie-ewie-ewie-ewe

The train drew nighey-ighey-ighey-ighey-igh

My highland goatie-oatie-oatie-oatie-oat

Was sure to die-ee-i-ee-i-ee-i-ee-i

I took a knifey-ifey-ifey-ifey-ife

And cut that ropey-opey-opey-opey-ope

And set him free-e-ee-e-ee-e-ee-e-ee

My highland goatie-oatie-oatie-oatie-oat

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