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Our favourite Disney/Pixar tracks #1

Here's a list of some of our favourite songs from Disney or Pixar movies. Have a listen and a sing along:

My favourite kids movie is cars- it’s fast paced, super fun and with the greatest soundtrack. you can’t go wrong with talking cars! the feeling you get when watching as lightning mcqueen chases his dreams and makes many new friends along the way is incredible, 5 out of 5 kachows if i do say so myself

I remember playing this song for my first school musical and it is very reminiscent of the fun times we had. Although the song is a representation of the romance in the film, I associate this with hanging out with friends and the wholesome memories that shaped some of my high school years.

It’s one of those songs that just makes you feel good, it’s fun, a great tune to have a bob to and who doesn’t want a friend like genie!?

My favourite movie is Brave because Meredith looks a lot like me! I love how the songs are super catchy and how Meredith is such a strong character.

The OG Beauty and Beast is jam-packed with absolute bangers. The best track though by far is Be our Guest. 10 candlestick/10 candlesticks. Love it.

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